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Ozwater Water Hack

Ozwater Water Hack

Introducing the inaugural Ozwater “Water Hack”, an exciting new event delivered to you by TechnologyOne and the Australian Water Association

Despite what you've probably heard, this kind of hacking is all about creative problem solving, and what better place to do that than the biggest water event in Australia!

We're bringing together innovators, disruptors and big-picture thinkers to tackle the tricky challenges facing our water industry.

The challenges keeping you up at night are the challenges we want to focus on for the Water Hack. Big or small, strategic or operational, we want you to share your challenges with us so we can work together to solve them.

What is a Hackathon?

Hacking doesn't have to involve technology (though if technology is a challenge for you, we want to know!). A hackathon is any event where people come together to solve problems in creative ways. Groups of about 2-5 individuals whip out their laptops, get busy with the butcher's paper and dive into problems. 

It's not expected that all your problems will be solved at the end of the hackathon. Think of it as a pit-stop on the journey to solving your challenges.

What do we want to solve at this Water Hack?

The industry has selected the following challenges for the Water Hack: 

Asset Management: What's one challenge you would like to see solved?

  1. It is generally accepted that proactive condition assessment of water assets to prevent failures and extend asset life is desired above expensive reactive measures. However, the priority and budgets to conduct proactive measures usually fall short. What is an acceptable expenditure on critical assets to conduct proactive condition assessment?
  2. How can we create value from SCADA data after it is no longer needed to manage processses? How can we develop a co-operative approach to developing open source solutions to data science problems? How do we collect ideas from the industry? How do we develop solutions collaboratively?
  3. How can we make biosolids treatment a carbon sink? Best current practice is to burn methane for Co-Gen power, thus emitting large amounts of CO2. How can we reduce/eliminate CO2 emission while still obtaining Co-Gen benefits?
  4. How do we deliver remote off-grid water management to be used in coastal towns to generate energy and provide for 25 x seasonal population changes? What does a design look like that is innovative and sustainable?

Customer Facing Industry: What's one challenge you would like to see solved?

  1. How can we create an invisible water utility? This is a water or sewerage utility that performs so well that customers never need to contact them to discuss issues (invisiblewater.org). What does success look like? How do we measure success? How do we maintain brand awareness?

Diversity & Equality: What's one challenge you would like to see solved?

  1. How can the water industry work to decrease the rates of youth unemployment / under-employment in Australia?


Register your team now or register as an individual to help solve these challenges on Thursday, 18 May  

Click here to download a PDF list of the challenges 


How will the Water Hack work on Thursday, 18 May?





Teams arrive at ICC Sydney

  Water Hack briefing session and introduction to theme leaders
9.00am Water Hack commences
  Work in teams with support from theme leaders to solve an allocated challenge
1.00pm Water Hack concludes
  Each team presents a 3 minute summary of their solution
1.45pm Solutions collated 
2.45pm Solutions presented 
  All teams invited to attend the closing keynote session where solutions will be presented to the Water Leaders Panel 

How do you register a team?

Click here to register your team


Click here as an individual to express your interest in joining a team 


- FREE if the team leader is a registered Ozwater delegate

- $220 per team if the team leader is not a registered Ozwater delegate

- Deadline to register is by Monday, 1 May

- You require at least 2 people in a team and no more than 5 people

- Your team should be made up of a range of people with different skillsets to facilitate the problem solving 

Why join the Water Hack?

We’re looking for collaborators, disruptors, creatives, analysts, you name it. Whether you've got a water resume that's 30 years long or you've got a good idea from another sector that could be applied to the water industry, we want to hear from you! 

Not only will you get to contribute your knowledge and expertise, you'll get an opportunity to network and collaborate with other water sector peers on the issues that matter most. 

As a leading water sector service provider, TechnologyOne looks forward to bringing the Water Hack to life in partnership with the Australian Water Association, and developing practical, actionable next steps to keep the conversation going about better ways to manage one of Australia's most vital resources, water.

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Please contact the Events team at events@awa.asn.au if you have any queries.

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