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Across Australia and New Zealand, Veolia is Rethinking Water for our clients, cities and communities.

Providing operations and maintenance services for critical water infrastructure is Veolia’s core focus. In doing so, we contribute to long-term water security and climate resilience within the communities we serve.

With over 45 years’ industry experience, Veolia possesses a deep understanding of operational priorities. Driven by a commitment to innovation, we rethink water and wastewater management by harnessing the power of data and insights to optimise operations and enable resource affordability, predictability and asset future-proofing.

Working as a trusted partner, our role is to provide a vast network of technical solutions which supplement and provide alternative water sources to relieve pressure on natural water storage.

Veolia operates under the strictest of operational compliance to ensure uninterrupted supply of safe and sustainable drinking and agricultural water for millions of people across Australia and New Zealand.

This is supported by a team of local and global experts, working hand-in-hand with our clients and the community.



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