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Melbourne Water

For over 125 years, Melbourne Water has been planning and building for our future.

The infrastructure we set up all those generations ago is still in use today – a testament to our ingenuity and foresight.

We’re proud of the contribution we make to Melbourne’s famous liveability, by supplying high-quality drinking water, providing outstanding sewerage services, managing the region’s drainage, and keeping our waterways healthy.

We deliver these services in partnership with water retailers, councils, developers, contractors, the community and government agencies to create more liveable places, protect and enhance the environment and drive affordability.

With the ever-present challenges of population growth, urbanisation and an increasingly changing and variable climate, we are working hard to build a more resilient and water sensitive city, one with a smart and sustainable water supply.

We are proud to be supporting Ozwater’19, and look forward to the diverse and thought-provoking program of speakers, workshops, panels and exhibitors ahead!

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