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Ventia is one of the largest infrastructure service providers in Australasia.

We have a rich history and solid track record of delivering services that provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Our purpose is to make infrastructure work for our communities. It’s at the heart of who we are and is what unites and excites us. As is our vision – to lead the way in infrastructure services by harnessing the power of technology.

Every day we work behind the scenes to support some of Australia’s largest water utilities. From construction of new infrastructure, sewer and water pipeline renewal, asset management, operations and maintenance, emergency repairs, and environmental monitoring – our goal is to help ensure water is delivered and managed safely for the communities we work in.

Our teams of mechanical and electrical, civil and maintenance workers, along with hydrographers and environmental monitoring field technicians work around the clock delivering water and wastewater services.

Because our clients can never switch off, we don’t either. We bring our can-do attitude and the technology required to get the job done. Done safely. Done cost effectively. Done together.

Behind the scenes, we are proud to provide the services that keep infrastructure working for our communities.

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